api.danielvagg.com – functional(ish)

After realizing I had limited Wi-Fi and a lot of time, I decided its best to update ALL of the pages!

So, first thing is first, as usual; the api.danielvagg endpoints.
This has now been setup and is serving as a record of what code the RaspberryPi in my car is running. If you haven’t seen the project before, have a quick look (its the pyBus page). The code sends and receives signals on a BMW iBus to imitate a CD changer as well as other devices.
This is a project that is continuously tweaked and improved, and on such a project, code must be kept up to date! So, I have written a wee chunk of code in ‘/etc/rc.local‘ using advice from this blog here!
The  endpoints are served using a simple enough Python service which accepts POST and GET. The POST is sent from the RPI via CuRL, and I (or anyone else) can view the records here. I am using nohup now to keep the process running. I should really invest in upstart!

That’s one bit of news anyway. More to come after I update the other pages!


I have not been updating this at all as regularly as I would have liked!
As usual, author has been quite busy, or preoccupied, or playing Sniper Elite 2 for weeks.

Anyway, I have been throwing around some ideas for a new endpoint on the site:

Unsure really what I am going to do there, but I want to use it as a hub for different devices of mine to communicate. I will try to have a few interesting cogs of software there:

  1. MongoDB, and Redis, for a nice storage system
  2. Something to manage push notifications
  3. Some custom code to accept various messages like ‘I am lost’, and then show my position on a map somewhere
  4. A map to show position, or where endpoints are being exercised from. Might need a free GeoIP thing there, but I have seen one or two already.

There will likely be more to come, and maybe some day I will get it working! But ultimately, my view is that writing productivity apps is cool, but combine that with your own public server, and its.. well, cooler I suppose.

The Beginning

Welcome to the blog!

Here are a few of the things you will find here:

  1. Some of the (hopefully) interesting projects I have worked on
  2. Some code snippets, maybe a few guides, some odd ideas, unicorns?
  3. A list of a few things I like; other blogs, interesting types of code, could be anything!
  4. More importantly: things that I generally forget

I intend to update the blog weekly!